Think Different To Be Different
Each of us is one of the 7.7 billion people in the planet, which maybe, never be in the 0.0000008 community or never be a specific person. But be everlasting is not just depend on the person. Thoughts are lasting.

Throughout history, from Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, ... Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, the only ones are everlasting, who were able to present their thoughts to the world.

The website was originally designed with the goal of introducing the Twincodes algorithm, but it intends to pursue it works, by presenting new content (sometimes ambitious, imaginative or scientific) in two parts of the paper and inventions, ideas and creativities. The content is the result of the thoughts, research, efforts and failures of the creator of the Twincodes that publicly released, and the use of these content is not permitted without mention the source.

We Hope that be in your focus and criticism, so leave us, with your precious comments and suggestions for further progress.

We look forward to your valuable messages.