Neutron, the mastermind of Atom: a journey into an Atom
2019-07-15 15:00
"Science is nothing more than thinking and imagination in existing facts"
The book, in the form of a sci-fi story, tries to focus the reader on the intellectual challenge about the smallest truth in the world, the atom. The story, in the mentioned form and with positive assumptions, describes a solution to the dark points of the science of physics (the theory of everything). The storyline is ascending, so requested to carefully follow the story's events to better understand the concepts of the story.
Since no book or manuscript isn't without flaws, any mistakes in the syntax, form and text of the book will be corrected with reminders of respected readers.
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  • New Moto Mod idea (E Ink Moto Mod)
    2019-01-27 14:00
    The idea was designed solely to engage in a Challenge held by Motorola in Indiegogo in November 2016.(
    The details of this idea are stated in the attachment.
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